Titanium Cooking Pot

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The Titanium Cooking Pot is perfect for any chef looking to upgrade their cookware. With its titanium construction, it is strong and lightweight, while being highly resistant to rust and corrosion. Not only does it heat evenly, its non-stick coating makes it easy to clean and maintain. Cook with peace of mind and enjoy delicious meals every time.


Titanium Cooking Pots

Made from lightweight titanium construction.
Titanium imparts no taste and odour on food or beverage.
With a lid and collapsible handles for convenient use.
Round edges for efficient heat and easy cleaning.
Comes in a mesh storage sack.


Capacity Size Weight
300ml 73mm x 80mm  Weight 75g
350ml 76mm x 85mm  Weight 84g 
550ml 80mm x 100mm Weight 106g 
650ml 96mm x 100mm Weight 112g