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4 Person Camping Tent - Beargoods 4 Person Camping Tent  139.99 Beargoods

Get ready to embark on a daring outdoor journey with Beargoods! Just like you, we're all about the wilderness. Experience the thrill of camping, cycling, and walking as we explore the wonders of nature. Let's push our limits and create unforgettable memories!

Our relentless pursuit of extraordinary and daring products and assortments that meet our uncompromising standards is unwavering. We continuously assess and refresh our selection, searching for ways to elevate our store.

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60L Hiking Backpack

This 60L Hiking Backpack is perfect for your next outdoor adventure. Its durable construction keeps your belongings safe and secure, while the lightweight design ensures comfortable carrying. With its large 60L capacity, you'll have plenty of room for all your essential items. Make the most of your trip with this high-performance Hiking Backpack.

60L Hiking Backpack - Beargoods

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Not Sure Which Sleeping Bag Is For You ?

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Looking for the perfect sleeping bag? Look no further! Our store has a variety of options, including lightweight and compact designs as well as heavy-duty down sleeping bags. Sleep soundly knowing you'll be well-equipped for your next adventure.

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Camping Sleeping Bag - Beargoods Camping Sleeping Bag  69.99 Beargoods
Camping Sleeping Bag
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Cotton Sleeping Bag - Beargoods
Cotton Sleeping Bag
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Goose down filled Adult Sleeping bag - Beargoods Goose down filled Adult Sleeping bag  135.99 Beargoods
Goose down filled Sleeping bag
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Lightweight Mummy Sleeping Bag - Beargoods
Lightweight Mummy Sleeping Bag
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DescriptionTake on the wilderness with this rugged Camping Sleeping Bag, perfect for any outdoor adventure! Its cosy construction ensures a... Get cosy and comfortable with our Cotton Sleeping Bag! Made with quality cotton, this sleeping bag will ensure a restful... Brave the great outdoors in comfort with this Goose Down Sleeping Bag! Filled with ultra-light and ultra-warm goose down, this... Lightweight Mummy Sleeping Bag   "Take on the challenges of the great outdoors with our Lightweight Mummy Sleeping Bag! Built...
Camping Tent Ultralight - Beargoods


Embark on your outdoor journeys with confidence by selecting from our wide array of tents. Whether you prefer solo expeditions or group adventures, our collection offers options tailored to your needs, with capacities accommodating 2 to 4 individuals. Engineered with compactness and lightweight materials in mind, our designs guarantee hassle-free transportation and convenience.

Cycle Accessories

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  • Hydration Backpack Water Bag 1.5L Bladder - Beargoods Hydration Backpack Water Bag 1.5L Bladder  29.99 Beargoods

    1.5L Water Bladder

    Stay hydrated all day with the Hydration Backpack Water Bag 1.5L Bladder. This backpack features a 1.5L bladder that allows you to easily access water while on-the-go. It also has adjustable shoulder straps and a lightweight design for comfortable and secure carrying, keeping you well nourished during your outdoor adventures.

  • Ultralight Bladder Hydration Rucksack Waterproof - Beargoods Ultralight Bladder Hydration Rucksack Waterproof  39.99 Beargoods

    Hydration Backpack

    Take on your next adventure with the Ultralight Bladder Hydration Rucksack! This waterproof rucksack is constructed with lightweight yet durable materials, so you can explore and conquer with ease. Make a splash without getting soaked. 

  • Bike Pump 120/160PSI Steel - Beargoods Bike Pump 120/160PSI Steel  17.99 Beargoods

    Cycle Pump

    Available as either 120psi or 160psi