Hollow Breathable Bicycle Saddle

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Hollow Breathable Bicycle Saddle

Upgrade your biking experience with the Hollow Breathable Bicycle Saddle! This saddle is designed to keep you feeling free and cool on those long, adventurous rides. With its hollow and breathable design, it allows for better airflow and a more comfortable ride. Take on any trail with this saddle, and feel the thrill of the ride!


Size  25cm x 20cm x 9cm


Imitation leather

Reflective strip


Breathable Design The saddle's hollow design allows for breathability, keeping you cool and comfortable during long rides.

Shock Absorbing The saddle's shock absorbing feature reduces the impact of bumps and rough terrain, providing a smoother ride.

Comfortable The saddle's design provides ample support and cushioning for your bottom, ensuring maximum comfort during long rides.
The soft breathable design of the bicycle seat can enhance ventilation, reduce the sense of heat.